Hi! I’m Tal Kantero
the designer of Kantero Bags.

Kantero bags is a fashion brand that specializes in bags design, with the emphasis on efficiency, comfort and lots of style.

The brand was founded in 2014 when I was a third-year student of fashion design and arts, I always loved fashion, but I never thought that bags will be my main love 🙂 

after I made one of my friends a bag for her birthday it all started,

since then I’m making bags in a variety of fabrics and colors, perfectly integrated with the daily urban street.

All bags are handmade with vegetarian fabrics. The design and the production of the bags are made with a focus on every detail, in order to produce a practical, colorful and happy bags.

The design combines between minimalist patterns and unique fabrics & textures, matching the streetwear style. The fabrics collection renews all the time.